Community Development

Comunity Development Resources provided through the Internet has no boundaires so, can reach and help equip local leaders anywhere where there is public internet access, which is growing rapidly.

While personal visits may be the best way to help local development, the number of communities that can be reached by visit is very limited and the pandemic constraints on travel and meetings have emphasized the value of digital resources which can be delivered anywhere for information or downloading by local community leaders without cost!

Every community has one or more leaders, with some possibly many entrepreneurs and have community assets of material resources, agricultural land, water or skills, so there are clearly development opportunities in most if not all communities, if the right `know how` is available.

The Network has been established with a Christian motivation and leadership but the resources have been kept secular in content, to help people of any faith or none.

Network resources are specially designed to help local leaders, especially in rural communities (Where the World Bank say 70% of the poorest people live!) to grow their organizations and by engaging with their communities in prioritising and working together on development projects


The Aid for Trade Resource ( was introduced in 2008 after extensive research of community and leaders needs and provides a wide range of training and `Know How` resources, including audio podcasts, for basic income generation, resources which have been widely used. The Aid for Trade resource includes over 200 income generating opportunities many needing very little or no money to start

The 2015 introduction by the U.N. of the 17 sustainable development goals (The SDGs) for 2030, which have been adopted by every country and endorsed by all major faiths, led to a multinational Steering Group guiding development of a wider based Community Development Network - with resources selected and developed to assist progress of the global goals at community level by leaders of local organizations. These resources, which still require further research and development are linked to most of the global SDGs



Resources available are grouped as

We have added to the website resources, links with an introduction, to eight other free sources of multimedia development `Know How` which we believe makes the Network Resource the most comprehensive single community development `hub` in the world and a fitting `Accelerator Platform` for the global SDGs


The biggest and most common difficulty faced by all Network Members is access to funding support to help grow their existing organizations or to assist new community led development projects, while it seems so much global funding is being lost through waste and corruption

A way forward

The introduction of direct funding of Member led, Community approved development projects linked to the global SDG, by governments or major funders would be a funding `gamechanger` and would greatly assist progress of the 2030 global SDGs. A ten step process ensuring due diligence and integrity has been drafted.

The Network will advocate as strongly as possibly for trial and the wider application of direct community funding, - the more Members joining the Network the stonger we become in advocating for this funding innovation