Community Development

National Teams


The objective is to establish collaborative teams, comprising diaspora groups, country specific charities, diaspora students and interested overseas local leaders of churches, mission or charities to focus together on community development, linked to the global SDGs for a single country, to equip local leaders and visiting diaspora, charity or mission workers with the most suitable `know how` and training programmes to help a disadvantaged community develop its potential.

The Network`s  `Ten Step` Community Engagement Programme can be used to help communities to prioritise, needs and decide togdether which `Know How` and group training programmes should be used.

Resource programme benefits should be fully evaluated and reported to the Network, and if successful  a regional or national roll out plan and budget will be prepared by the team 


The findings and plan may be offered or commended  to national government (SDG Directorate?) for collaboration in regional or national promotion and funding support.  

One or two National Community Development Teams - possibly Zambia and Sierra Leone  -will be established to  trial this groundbreaking National Community Teams Development concept