Community Development





The Network has been developed by a UK based multinational Steering Group, from which most of our Founding Trustees have been appointed

The Network Resource Hub for Community Development, has two functions, first to enable you to find and connect with Members who have similar interests and second to equip you with the best available free downloadable  ‘know how’ and group training programmes to help disadvantaged communities anywhere, to develop their sustainable potential

These resources are linked to the global ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ or SDGs which all countries have committed to support, so we expect this to bring some good collaborative benefits in due course, which might include funding support 

Some reources are already available from our sister site , many others have to be found if suitable or developed and trialled before uploading to the website.

We plan this Global Resource to progressively developed to become  a `One Stop Shop` for the best possible free `know how` and training programmes for community development, to helping Members address 12 of the 17 global goals:

The website has four sections:

1.Network Structure and Links                                                                                                              Shows the approach we are planning to help members achieve more in their work or ministry                       

2.`Know How` Resources                                                                                                                        These are papers identified or designed after research and trial,to equip leaders with best  available                 guidance and information 

3.Group Training Programmes                                                                                                               For adults and for groups of young people                                                

4.Insights into the global Sustainable Development Goals                                                                      All 193 member states of the United Nations have adopted these goals for 2030, which have been endorsed      by all the major faiths

If you are a member, we recommend you consider using the Networks "Community Engagement Guide" as a framework to encourage as wide participation as possible by community residents in prioritising and progressing developments

If you are  the `Facilitator` you might find the section called `Introduction for Facilitators` helpful – you can see it on our sister website at Facilitation Guide it includes:

  • Introduction
  • Internet use and security
  • Facilities for Group Training
  • Facilitator Presentation Skills Guide
  • Certificates and Evaluation

You will find most of the training programmes, which are freely downloadable contain a Facilitators Guide, Pictures and Worksheets for Participants

If you have any questions, or suggestions to improve this Resource Hub please contact us on