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£2 trillion Is lost to corruption every year! ( )

1 in 4 Africans had to pay a bribe to access public services last year)

(World Economic Forum)

The world desperately needs competent leaders at all levels who are seen to demonstrate integrity in all they do by being honest, trustworthy righteous, truthful, of good character, morally principalled, fair, conscientious, scrupulous and sincere.....


300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute and almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day - so Youtube is probably now the best source of information on any development topic! Here is a selection of 19 short videos on most aspects of integrity which you can watch:

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We Expect Community Development Members to do their best to share and apply these Values in all they do

Why Is Integrity Important?

Living a life of integrity means that we never have to spend time or energy questioning ourselves. When we listen to our hearts and do the right thing, life becomes simple. Our life, and our actions, are open for everyone to see, and we don`t have to worry about hiding anything

Build, Maintain and promte INTEGRITY

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Consistently Making the Right Choices

In a world where headlines are often dominated by people who make the wrong choices, people who make the right ones can seem to be rare. However, it feels good to live and work with integrity and, when we become known for this highly valued trait, our lives and our careers can flourish.


Many of us have to make decisions that define who we are and what we believe in. Most often, the choices we face may seem insignificant. But this doesn`t mean that they`re not important to us: even the smallest action can have an impact on our self-respect, our integrity, and, ultimately, our reputation.

You could say that integrity is always doing the right thing, even when no one is looking, and even when the choice isn`t easy. Or, you might see integrity as staying true to yourself and your word, even when you`re faced with serious consequences for the choices that you`re making.

When we live our lives with integrity, it means that we`re always honest, and we let our actions speak for who we are and what we believe in. Integrity is a choice we make, and it`s a choice we must keep making, every moment of our lives.

When we have integrity, we`re whole and in perfect condition, and we`re not compromised by awkward "inconsistencies."

Organizational Integrity


 Integrity in the way which business and organizations operate, are just as important as personal integrity and are covered in detail, with a Christian ethic, in our Aid for Trade resources:

Sound operational ethics and integrity must start with the leaders of any organization and should be documented and shared with all staff and any `stakeholders`

The Community Development Network is bound by the Policies and Procedures of the Aid for Trade Foundation as the Network is a legally approved `Working Title` of the Foundation

Most if not all organizations with staff need a `constitution` which may be essential for formal registration and an appropriate operational `Policies and Procedures Manual` will be helpful for effective management and control

(Most organizations should also have a clear `Vision` for the future, a `Mission` statement of what they are doing and a set of Ethics and Values for their relationships and work)

The Community Development Network Policy No 5



As a Christian led charity, we will endeavour to consistently apply Scriptural values of integrity, compassion, fairness and service ( Micah 6:8 and Joshua 1:9)

We will be proactive and entrepreneurial- as the poor have to be, to just survive!

We will encourage and support leadership capacity development As we work from home it is important we adopt a common culture with shared values both in our own relationships and with all those we are in contact with;

We will endeavour to be:

Friendly - we will treat all our contacts as friends

Patient - misunderstandings can easily occur across national cultures

Encouraging - everyone needs encouragement - we will encourage Members

Proactive - always looking for new information and opportunities to serve

Spiritually sensitive - scriptures and prayers are helpful and appreciated

Fun - sharing an amusing story or pictures lightens the day!

Innovative - allways open to new ideas and better ways of doing things

Flexible - we are a small administration so flexibility is a key advantage

Entrepreneurial - we will seek out, develop and trial new ideas to serve the poor


We will support small businesses and encourage where appropriate to adopt:

Equal opportunities

Fair Trade principles

Organic food production

A business quadruple ‘Bottom line’ of

  • Profit
  • Social concern
  • Environmental protection
  • Spiritual awareness



This is a formalised approach to risk assessment which is used by donors to check on the credibility and reliability of an organization they might fund, merge with, or purchase

It is vitally important for any organization to maintain accurate records of all financial income and expenditure and to prepare annual accounts to be checked and signed as accurate by an independent agency, ideally by a qualified accountant

Annual accounts must be available for public access and