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Network members interests and the programmes to be made available on this website have a wide scope and could benefit very much from help by specialist professionals or experienced development workers in a wide range of fields

We hope to be able to welcome an increasing number of consultants who can volunteer a few hours to help one or more members with specific queries, or help the development of a programme linked to one of the 12 global goals we need to reserach and develop, on a voluntary basis

We will invite consultants who may like to join the Network  shold  advise the skills thay can offer and how much time they can make available.

We feel all requests for consultancy help should be channelled via the Network Office, so we do not overburden these volunteers

The World Bank report that 70% of the poorest people live in disadvantaged rural communities, so consultancy help provided needs to bear in mind that the community may have little or no electricity, and that there may be a high level of adult illiteracy  - topics among others we will be reseraching to identify of develop and trial the best possible programmes 

So if you you would like to offer help as a consultant please contact us on