Community Development

We Can Reach And Help Local Leaders Anywhere to Achieve More


Even the largest international agencies cannot place workers in every disadvantaged community, whereas development reources using the expanding internet can reach and help equip local leaders anywhere!   

The poor are amazingly resilient and enterprising – they have to be to survive
at all – but most need access to relevant information and training from, local
leaders to help them reduce their poverty and to advocate collectively for

Based on extensive research the Aid for Trade digital resource for basic income
generation was introduced in 2008 which became the registered charity Aid for
Trade Foundation in 2013



The introduction in 2015 of the U.N.`s sustainable development goals for 2030 (The SDGs ) asadopted by every country and endorsed by all major faiths led to
the wider multimedia digital resource developmentto to form the global Community Development Network, with resources specially designed to help community leaders achieve more


   António Guterres Secretary-General United Nations,
   March 2021 SDG Report

    "..... global efforts to date have been insufficient to deliver the change we need,
    jeopardizing the 2030 Agenda’s promise to current and future generations"


The African Union of 55 States introduced in 2020 a Digital Development
programme with an overall objective:

“To harness digital technologies and innovation to transform African
societies and economies.........and to eradicate poverty"


According to a 2019 report from the Global Enabling Sustainability

"Without the proper development and deployment of digital
technology, the world will fall short of achieving the 2030 SDGs



The Network is Christian led but all our resources are secular in content to
help leaders of any faith or none. It is believed the Network is the only
fully digital resource charity in the Uk and possibly the world and


The Network has a small Board of Trustees with wide experience:


"We must commit to engaging young people fully - not only as a symbol or simply tocheck a box. The goal must be meaningful participation."
António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations

Linda Malecaj is the Network`s Youth Ambassador
as we acknowledge the need to help equip and
empower young people who will be the future
leaders in any community.
Linda also manages the Networks facebook pages



Network Membership has grown rapidly to 1,670+ Member organizations in 42 countries.                       

A quarterly Members Newsletter is sent to all Members

The charity is both cost effective and environmentally friendly as there is no need for overseas travel to reach and help equip local leadersanywhere, so operates on a minimal budget




The Network is  a funding agency but we are concerned at the waste through
corruption of international aid  and the fact that so little foreign aid reaches and 
benefits the poorest people!


 We are therefore committed to advocating for a
 new approach to direct funding of Member led                   community approved development projects,               which would be a global funding `gamechanger`






If you accept our Mission and Values , why not join us to use or commend these free resources, or collaborate with us in the further development, scaling and impact of the Community Development Network



Subject to this pioneering funding approach being adopted, the Network Vision
can be realistically projected as: